Monday, June 6, 2011

Please Allow Me to Introduce Myself....

Awhile back, I was thinking: I used to be really creative. If one gets in their DeLorean and travels back with me about  back to about 10-12 years or so ago, I had a drive for my drawing, puppet building, etc. and somewhere that went away.

I don't know why, but lately I've been thinking of new ways to try and get that passion back, maybe even pursue something with it, and I figured now that we're in 2011, a good place to start would be a blog.

The theme of this blog is to basically for me to just jot some thoughts, come up with some new "projects" for me to do on the side and have some fun. I'm open to suggestions and if anyone feels I could be of some creative use to you, hit me up.

I forgot how much I enjoyed writing outside of school related work. Over the years, I've done some fan reviews for various online sites and fanzines and hadn't written anything for awhile until I was called upon recently to write something up for some promotional Academy Awards material at my job. And I realized how much I missed doing that. So here it is: the first post of my first blog...let's see where it goes.

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